At-home Family Session

I love it when my client asked me to photograph them at their family home, as later on they might move, and the photos are the best way to preserve their precious memories at their old house. This is such a beautiful family to photograph, with their youngest boy Harper just turned three months old! ... Read the Post

Session at McLaren Falls

I love it when my clients come back to update their family portrait! It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen Robbie and Louie, they were so adorable back then and I think they've just gotten more handsome. I love McLaren Falls when it comes to autumn, it's beautiful  and I often take my kids here on the weekend to feed the ducks. ... Read the Post

A Day in the Life Session

Life is crazy-busy, your days are full – full of diapers, nap times, meal times, playing, disciplining, reading, baking and hugging. The days go by in a blur and all of a sudden it’s their birthday again. "A day in the life session" is a great way to document your days so that you can remember, so that your kids can see years from now, all of it – the days full of love.A day in the life ... Read the Post